Uncomplicated Firewall ufw in Ubuntu

The Linux kernel includes the Netfilter subsystem, which is used to manipulate or decide the fate of network traffic headed into or through your server. All modern Linux firewall solutions use this system for packet filtering.

The kernel's packet filtering system would be of little use to administrators without a userspace interface to manage it. This is the purpose of iptables. When a packet reaches your server, it will be handed off to the Netfilter subsystem for acceptance, manipulation, or rejection based on the rules supplied to it from userspace via iptables. Thus, iptables is all you need to manage your firewall if you're familiar with it, but many frontends are available to simplify the task. Howto: Use, setup, and Take advantage of the New Ubuntu Uncomplicated Firewall UFW


binding multiple IP addresses on a single ethernet on Ubuntu 8.10

It is essential for us to configure a multiple IP addresses on my working PC as a web application developer , so , I done, see the following

Working Environment

  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • LAN : - 224
  • GateWay:


1 setting the Ip is static, then reboot the network

# sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

2 edit the interfaces config file

#sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

you will see the following

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

3 add the eth0:0 at the bottom of the file

iface eth0 inet static
auto eth0

iface eth0:0 inet static
auto eth0:0

4 Saving it,then reboot the network again

#sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

5 testing our change